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How to create a Blog

About Course

If you are just approaching WordPress and Udesly Adapter, this is the course made just for you! You will learn the basics in creating a Blog using Webflow!


This course will lead you through the steps to convert a pre-made Webflow Blog template to WordPress. We will start from a free template made by the Webflow team and we will insert all the necessary attributes to make it ready for the conversion!

What Will I Learn?

  • Creation of a basic blog for WordPress using Webflow
  • Basic knowledge about WordPress theme hierarchy

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Getting Started?

This is an introduction on WordPress blog functionalities and how to use Webflow to recreate the WordPress structure
What is a Blog
Basic Blog structure
First Steps
Section Quiz

Home Page

About Page

Latest Post Page

Posts Template Page

Categories Template

Tags Template

Team Members Template

Conversion & Setup

Webflow Clonable template


Material Includes

  • Webflow Clonable project


  • Webflow Lite Plan
  • Udesly Adapter Plan
  • WordPress Setup


Target Audience

  • Webflow users
  • WordPress users
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