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How to create a WooCommerce store

About Course

If you are just approaching WordPress and Udesly Adapter, this is the course made just for you! You will learn the basics in creating a WooCommerce store using Webflow!


This course will lead you through the steps to convert a pre-made Webflow template to WordPress and use WooCommerce. We will start from a free template made by the Webflow team and we will insert all the necessary attributes to make it ready for the conversion!

What Will I Learn?

  • Creation of a basic store for WooCommerce using Webflow.
  • Basic knowledge about WordPress theme hierarchy

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Getting Started

What is WooCommerce
Basic WooCommerce structure
First Steps
Section Quiz

Home Page

Shop Page

Cart Page & My Account Page

Contact Page

Products Template

Categories Template

Mini Cart

Conversion & Setup

Clonable Template


Material Includes

  • Webflow Clonable project


  • Webflow Lite Plan
  • Udesly Adapter Plan
  • WordPress Setup

Target Audience

  • Webflow users
  • WordPress users
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