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Webflow to Shopify 101

About Course

If you're wondering how to convert your Webflow theme to Shopify, this is the right place to learn!


This course will guide you through the steps to convert a Webflow template to a real Shopify theme with the Udesly Adapter. This lesson introduces the Adapter and the preliminary properties of Webflow and Shopify.

What Will I Learn?

  • With this course you’ll learn everything you need to convert a Webflow template to a real Shopify theme.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Why the Adapter?

What is Webflow0:37
What is Shopify2:35
Webflow/Shopify Quiz

How to use the Adapter?

Basic Shopify

Webflow clonable projects


Material Includes

  • Webflow to Shopify Starter Theme (Cloneable)
  • Webflow to Shopify Elements (Cloneable)


  • An active Udesly subscription plan (Adapter or All Access plan);
  • A Webflow Account plan (LITE version at the least);
  • An active Shopify account.

Target Audience

  • Webflow users
  • Shopify users
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