APRIL,14 -2020

Udesly Adapter - Shopify

  1. Added default language option for Shopify conversion


APRIL,04 -2020

Udesly Adapter - Shopify

  1. Bug fixed wrongly converted page Addresses for Shopify


MARCH, 31 -2020

Udesly Adapter - Shopify

  1. Bug fixed option type color in Shopify sections


MARCH, 28 -2020

Udesly Adapter - Shopify

  1. Bug fixed option type html in Shopify Sections


MARCH, 22 -2020

Udesly Adapter - Shopify

  1. Added Shopify newsletter form


MARCH, 19 -2020

Udesly Adapter - WordPress

  1. Added taxonomies conversion for custom post types in WordPress


MARCH, 13 -2020

Udesly Adapter Cheat Sheets

  1. Added Cheat Sheets link to the app. The easiest way to add all the necessary custom attributes to convert your Webflow projects. More details.


february, 10 -2020

Netlify Improvements

  1. Bugfix Netlify CMS – CSV import


JANUARY, 31 -2020

Netlify Improvements

  1. Fixed bug on Netlify CMS permalinks for pages in folders


JANUARY, 28 -2020

WooCommerce Improvements

  1. Added WooCommerce quantity input for cart template.


JANUARY, 23 -2020

Shopify Improvements

  1. You can now create alternative templates for collection, product, article and blog pages. More details.


JANUARY, 22 -2020

WooCommerce 3.9.0 compatibility

  1. Changed the WooCommerce Notices Template to be up-to-date with WooCommerce 3.9.0 version.

Added Netlify Option

  1. You can now add some additional files (.zip format) to Netlify. For example a Markdown file of some of your posts or Netlify lambda functions directly. More details.


JANUARY, 19 -2020

Shopify Improvements

  1. Added Specific Image for Shopify Product


JANUARY, 15 -2020


  1. Enhanced compatibility with the quantity input for WooCommerce


JANUARY, 8 -2020

Added Netlify CMS Support

  1. With the Udesly Adapter APP you can create full-static websites visually, using Webflow. Once your design is complete, you don't need to jump back to Webflow to make changes. All the dynamic content is easily manageable from the Netlify CMS. More details.

Masonry Layout (for WordPress Posts and WooCommerce Products)

  1. You can now design your Archive posts and products layout in a Masonry fashion. More details.

Order Confirmation Page for WooCommerce

  1. We have added the possibility to customize the WooCommerce Order Confirmation page, pixel by pixel in Webflow. More details.


NOVEMBER, 6 -2019

Added Error Message

  1. Added a new Error Message to notify the users when the homepage is set incorrectly.


NOVEMBER, 5 -2019

CSS bug fixed

  1. Resolved CSS issue that made Webflow style rendering different when uploaded on WordPress and Shopify.


NOVEMBER, 4 -2019

Added Ghost Support

  1. The Udesly Adapter now support Ghost. You can design your Ghost Theme totally in Webflow without writing a single line of code. More details.


AUGUST, 26 -2019

Re-designed from scratch

  1. The Udesly Adapter is no longer available as desktop application, but it can be accessed directly from your browser. This allow us to push updates faster and more features in less time. Performances have been heavily improved, now the conversion is processed in few seconds.

Improved Custom Attributes System

  1. The Webflow custom attributes needed for each elements dropped by 60%. They are easier to insert and understand and workflow is smoother.

WordPress Improvements

  • Better support for Custom Post Types of third party;
  • Pagination Support for Recent Posts;
  • Mini Cart now supports Webflow easing and options;
  • Added Product Variations element;
  • Added support for My Account and Cart Page;
  • Added support for CMS Lightbox;
  • Redesigned Udesly WordPress Plugin;
  • Added support for password protected pages;

Shopify Improvements

  • Number of Shopify mandatory pages decreased;
  • Added support for Shopify sections;
  • Mini Cart now supports Webflow easing and options;
  • Added Product Variations element;


Win/Mac - MARCH, 27 -2019

Shopify Images Elements new feature

  1. From now on you can add custom attribute to all the images elements to change the image dimension. More details.

Frontend Editor Bugfix

  1. Fixed issues on the udesly-duplicate attribute.


Win/Mac - MARCH, 7 -2019

Added Webflow e-commerce elements compatibility

  1. From now on you can use some of the Webflow e-commerce elements to create your Shopify, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores

Introducing new Starter Templates

  1. Introduced new Webflow Starter Templates for WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. You can customize each aspect of the template, add content and pages without limits to your design.

Introducing new Elements Packs

  1. Introduced new Elements Pack for WordPress, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. At last you can find all the necessary elements in one single Webflow project.


Win/Mac - FEBRUARY, 13 -2019


  1. Minor bug fixing.


Win/Mac - FEBRUARY, 13 -2019

Introducing the new Frontend Editor

  1. Introduced a new Frontend Editor that works only with newly converted websites (old ones will still use the old frontend editor until version 2.0.0);

    Added possibility to edit links and other types of text elements;

    Added possibility to disable frontend editor, all texts will be translatable through WordPress translate function (Beta);

    Added possibility to translate texts for Shopify (Beta);

    Fixed product gallery thumbnail click (Shopify);

    Fixed remove item from mini cart (Easy Digital Downloads);

    Fixed products slider (WooCommerce)


Win/Mac - OCTOBER, 11 -2018

Introducing the Shopify integration

  1. Added the full Webflow to Shopify integration. From now on you can create a real and complete Shopify Theme with Webflow.


Win/Mac - OCTOBER, 1 -2018

Introducing the Easy Digital Downloads integration

  1. A list of cloneable elements you can copy and paste into your Webflow project and get ready to use with Easy Digital Downloads.

Introducing the Restrict Content Pro integration

  1. Added Restrict Content Pro integration. To customize the RCP Shortcodes you need to use the Udesly Customizer plugin.

Added drop zone in the Udesly APP (Win/MacOS)

  1. Added a drop zone to drag and drop the Webflow zip file to the Udesly App.


Win/Mac - SEPTEMBER, 4 -2018


  1. WooCommerce single product page template issue fixed
  2. ACF typo fixed


Win/Mac - SEPTEMBER, 3 -2018


  1. Fixed russian translation


Win/Mac - SEPTEMBER, 3 -2018

Introducing the WooCommerce integration

  1. A list of cloneable elements you can copy and paste into your Webflow project and get ready to use with WooCommerce.
  2. WooCommerce native support: shop, products, mini cart, single product page.
  3. WordPress Sidebar support
  4. New Udesly Adapter APP "My Templates" page;

New Udesly Customizer Plugin

  1. This free plugin allows users to customize the WooCommerce default pages (My Account, Checkout and Cart) directly through the frontend Wordpress Customizer.

Udesly Wordpress Plugin

  1. Added Wocommerce settings and rules


Win/Mac - AUGUST, 18 -2018


  1. Minor bug fixing


Win/Mac - AUGUST, 1 -2018

Added new language

  1. Added russian language to the Udesly Application


Win/Mac - JuLY, 26 -2018

Introducing the Udesly Elements

  1. A list of cloneable elements you can copy and paste into your Webflow project and get ready to use with WordPress (you don't need to learn/remember the Udesly custom attributes anymore).

Dynamic Menu

  1. You can now use WordPress dynamic menus with your Webflow navbar or dropdown.

Custom Post Type

  1. You can now use WordPress natively custom post types with the Udesly Adapter. Custom post types can be generated directly from the Udesly WordPress plugin, and are automatically generated when you press "import Webflow data" if you used them in Webflow.

Advanced Custom Field

  1. Added the compatibility with ACF. You can use old ACF version, but it's recommended to use version 5 or higher due to a better data sync.


  1. Added the compatibility with Disqus.


Win/Mac - JuLY, 3 -2018


  1. Minor bug fixing.


Win/Mac - June, 27 -2018


  1. Masonry Layout for Blog Posts and recent posts;
  2. Internal pagination for single post page;
  3. Date and Time with custom formats;

FTP System

  1. Added possibility to upload the WordPress converted theme directly from the Udesly Adapter App;


  1. Added possibility to use WordPress custom fields;
  2. Added redirect option for all forms (powered by WordPress);


  1. Added dynamic box for all post types;
  2. Dynamic Slider (manage Webflow slider images directly from WordPress);

Udesly WordPress Plugin

  1. Added option to use parent category template for all sub-categories;
  2. Added possibility to customize the Welcome e-mail in WordPress;
  3. Added notification warnings for contents, rules and lists used in Webflow and not created in WordPress;


  1. Added conditional custom field and condition dynamic box checks;


  1. Added fully customizable social share links;


Win only - June, 19 - 2018

Added Windows EV code signing certificate (avoid windows warning screen during setup);


WIN/MAC - JUNE, 4 - 2018

Fixed email validation to be W3C compliant;

Added footer with version information and changelog link;


Win/Mac - June, 1 -2018

Fixed “Headers Already Sent” issue on older servers;

Added Copy & Paste for MacOS version;


Win/Mac -May, 30 - 2018

Initial Release

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