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Icon Packs

10K+ SVG icons ready to use & fully customizable in Webflow. Choose your favourite icon pack, add the icon into the canvas and change size, color and hover state.

250+ handcrafted SVG icons fully customizable in Webflow.
Google Material
Over 2,500 glyphs in a single font file with a wide range of design variants.
1,200+ Beautiful and consistent icon toolkit made by the community.
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A pack of more than 250 beautifully crafted open source icons.
A collections of free and open source SVG icons fully customizable in Webflow
A simple and consistent open source icon set.
700+ CSS icons available in SVG fully customizable in Webflow.
One of the biggets open source library with more than 1,200 SVG icons.

Fully customizable in Webflow

You can customize each icon directly in the Webflow designer. Choose your favourite icon pack, add the icon into the canvas and edit size, color and hover state.
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Change icon size

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Change icon color

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Change hover state

Instant Search

Choose from more than 10K SVG icons using our instant search box to speed up your workflow directly into the Webflow designer.
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Instant Search

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Icon Variants

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Smootify is the new Webflow App created by our team to run headless Shopify store totally in Webflow.
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