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Webflow Pages
WordPress Plugin

The best use case

Need to spin up a promotional landing page or add something on top of an existing WordPress site?

Build it in Webflow, serve it on your WordPress site, and rest easy knowing you don’t have to hack together a custom page in WordPress.

Use it if...

You want to build and publish your pages in Webflow and then serve them directly on your WordPress pages.

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Adapter App

The best use case

Is your client already using WP or are you looking for advanced functionality not already available in Webflow?

Build your entire site visually in Webflow, convert the exported code with the Adapter App (without writing a line of code) and manage your theme in WordPress with tons of WP Plugins.

Use it if...

You want to create a real and fully manageable WordPress Theme* completely in Webflow

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*The Adapter App works with Shopify and Ghost too.
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