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Variation Swatches

Each detail is important when it comes to your customer’s shopping experience. With the Variation Swatches widget for Webflow you can replace dropdown fields on your variable products with beautiful buttons you can freely customize in Webflow. Choose your own style to display variations of a product so that shoppers can enjoy a look that perfectly fits your store. You can use it with the Quantity tracker widget that allows you to track the stock level of every product variant.

It must be entered within an Add to Cart element, regardless of whether it is on the single product page or on a collection list.

This widget works with Webflow Ecommerce only.
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Clone the sample

Start from this ready to use project. Here you can find a pre-configured sample of the widget.

Clone project
How to setup

Copy & Paste the script in your Webflow project and follow this simple doc to configure the widget.

Copy the script
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    March 17, 2020
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