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Material UI KIT for Webflow (compatible with WordPress)

A set of pre-designed components with a clean and minimal style inspired by Google’s material design. With our Material KIT and the new Webflow “copy and paste between projects” feature, you can create infinite websites in almost no time by simply copying and pasting the kit’s components into your Webflow designer. UI elements (headers, footers, buttons, forms, etc.) color palette, typography: the KIT includes everything you need for a faster workflow and better results. Every element, widget, button and form within the Material KIT can be fully customized as per your requirements. Many elements are animated to create appealing effects.
Every element and component in the KIT is ready to work with the Udesly Adapter: custom attributes are already added, so you only need to export the Webflow site and convert it with the adapter to connect it to the WordPress admin panel.

How I can get the product on my Webflow account?

As you know you can't import a file on your Webflow account. The only way to get the product is to give us the email of your Webflow account after the purchase. We will transfer the project from our Webflow account to yours in 24h (business day). You can find more details here

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