Create a Shopify
theme in Webflow

With Udesly you can create a real Shopify Template totally in Webflow. Style your store with a limitless design freedom, manage with Shopify to run a successful e-commerce.


Clone the Starter Theme in Webflow

Grab the Shopify Starter Theme and customize all the pages with your own style in Webflow without limits.

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Convert with the Udesly App

Export the Template from Webflow and launch the Udesly App to convert it into a real Shopify Theme.

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Manage in Shopify

Upload the converted theme in Shopify and manage your store options directly from the Shopify panel.

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A Shopify theme without coding

Use the best visual design tool ever to create a complete Shopify Theme and manage your store easily

1 app for infinite templates

No limits to your workflow. One single app to convert as many templates as you need

Customize and convert!

Start from a ready to use template to fasten your workflow and create awesome Shopify Themes

Add  functionalities to Webflow

No matter your needs, the huge Shopify community has you covered with tons of plugins to choose from

Use your own hosting

You are free to keep or choose the best hosting provider for your needs without any compatibility issues

Default forms compatibility

No worries about Webflow default forms: they'll work properly in each hosting provider you choose

Interactions 2.0 compatible

The awesome animations and interactions built in Webflow will work properly in the Shopify Theme

Customize everything

Thanks to Udesly you can customize each single part of your Shopify Theme without writing a line of code

Save time!

The fastest solution to build a real and complete Shopify Theme in few simple steps.