Stunning Webflow Tools

Clone the sample in Webflow

To start using our tools you need to clone our Webflow sample projects on your Webflow account.

Copy the magic script

Each tool needs a script you have to copy and paste from our doc page on your Webflow project.

Included in this plan:
Ecommerce Quantity

Display elements within the Add to Cart based on the availability of the product.

Included in this plan:
Ecommerce Slider

Create a dynamic slider for your Webflow Ecommerce to show more images in the product page.

Included in this plan:
Google Sheets

Give your table the right style to match the look of your site. Customize each element in Webflow.

Included in this plan:
Slider PRO

With this widget you can add further features to the native Webflow slider component.

Included in this plan:
Ecommerce Filters

Help your users to find the products faster by applying filters to quickly find specific products.

Included in this plan:
Last Viewed

See recently viewed products dynamically and get back to them quickly.

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